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Care Connection Medical Consulting has established itself as a reliable and effective source for physicians to use as a means to "bridge the gap" and provide specialized medications from a qualified licensed Pharmacy, Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Distributor in the United States.  We use our relationship with an established professional Manufacturer in the weight loss industry to  provide resources for various Oral and Injectable Vitamins and Supplements.  Their products focus on weight loss and increased energy.  By serving physicians, medical practices and or pharmacies we are able to provide products and services to more areas.  The products we offer are Manufacturered in a GMP Compliant and FDA Approved Facility.   It's simple, we supply physicians a source to purchase products from a reputable company which offers you competitive prices without a finders fee; without a long delay to begin ordering; without a ton of paperwork---just the cost of the product. 

In addition we assist physicians through tailored marketing solutions and various services in  the weight loss industry.  We apply diverse business experience towards the specific needs of each client.  We hold a reputation of having a loyal relationship with clients founded on our dependability and integrity.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and finding solutions for all size practices.
We have come to the conclusion that many physicians are weighed down within there own operations, thus preventing time to explore new income resources and a means to communicate effectively to their patients.  This is where we have found our niche.  Our relationship with the TOP LEADING Manufacturer of Oral Supplements and Injections located in the United States provides you with an excellent opportunity to expand your weight loss and wellness program and secure your practices success even more. 

Care Connection Medical Consulting has successfully bridged the gap between weight loss physicians and pharmacies.  Regardless of the size of your practice, we focus to find the right fit.  Rather you need to establish a relationship with a source to purchase products or an evaluation of your practice from product, technology to marketing tools, we are here to help you increase your revenue and enhance your patient care.  Our goal is to meet your individual unique practices needs.
Please take a moment and contact us for more information.  Like our services, all consulting fees are critiqued to your business needs.  You too, could be on your way to offering customized compounded medication.
Our company goals are simple:  Enhance your patient care by offering
customized compounded medication while increasing your revenue to create
financial freedom within your practice. 
Bridging the Gap Between Physician and Pharmacy!


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